Cape Route Rally offers various types of 4×4 Challenges and Trips in the Western Cape. Below we have detailed our most popular one, the Rugged 4×4 Challenge.

Cape Town is very well known as either the starting or finishing point for Overlanders driving through Africa, however right here in the Western Cape, we offer such diversity when it comes to 4x4ing and Overlanding. Our Trips and challenges are more suited to those with smaller window within in their schedule as many don’t have 3 to 6 months to complete a trans Africa trip and for that reason, we have put the best roads, best gravel stretches and mountain passes, best and exclusive 4×4 trails and more together. Come and join us, sign up and get the ‘Show on the Road’!

Day 1 – Travel to the start point

We travel off to Worcester just outside Cape Town to meet our Tour Guide. Once the vehicles have their stickers, merchandise and drivers briefing, the adventure begins with a tasty quarry exercise following by night time dune driving.

Day 2 – Zuurkloof and beyond

We head back through the starting town for the forgotten supplies and then we venture off into a seemingly forgotten land on a private farm. The going gets tough here and man and machine will be tested with a Grade 5 plus!! The night is spent a huge farm house where steaks are served all round

Day 3 – Rally to Barryvale

After a big South African farm breakfast we cross the Karoo towards the coast along amazing gravel roads. The Farmer only opens this trail to our guide so prepare for a super steep rocky incline that raises the pulse and the altitude as we climb to the top a massive mountain for sundowners

Day 4 – Big Mountain Passes

We venture towards Victory Bay near George taking the scenic route every step of way. Montagu Pass with its sheer cliffside drops is a highlight along with the old Ox-wagon route over the Bergplaas Mountain testing your 4×4 and your skills to the limit. We eat out tonight in the city

Day 5 – Of course, we throw in Knysna

We start the day driving the famed 7 passes on route to Knysna where we get our fill of classic cars from a private Museum. Then its off along the notorious Price Alfred pass stopping for lunch on Spitz Kop where the ocean can still be viewed. Later we climb a ‘closed to the public’ 4×4 trail up a mountain to 1450m’s where the incline is so steep, your breathe is not only taken away from the sheer beauty that surrounds us

Day 6 – Race to the top!

We wake up in the middle of nowhere, start our engines and drive a testing 4×4 course. On route to our next destination, we have ourselves a hill climb race, Then its every back road, private trail and road off the beaten track into the Baviaan area where we are treated to hero’s welcome by the farmer for a big South African style Braai!

Day 7 – Huge Trails to Test one

On the last full day, we have 3 Mega trails to test you to your limits. Its now where you must complete the final challenges to say you have made the full 4×4 Challenge – the pace has been relentless so keep a cool head now

Day 8 – Limp home in one piece.

Time to head back…